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Mobile Games Kids Video Theater

Game On! Pricing

· 2 hour weekend party (Fri-Sun) - $350

· 2 hour weekday party (Mon-Thurs) - $275

· 1 additional hour - $99

· Special first timers pricing - Call us!

Events and Pricing

Special events, tournaments, schools, church events, and entertain kids for adult functions please call for pricing.

· We have four 42 inch flat screen networked inside for tournament play or group matches!!

· A 70 inch LED 3D TV outside with Wii and Xbox Kinect for movies, sporting events or more games!!

· 5-Xboxs, PS3, 3 - Wii’s, and complete surround sound with vibrating seats to feel the action!!

· Huge game selection for all ages, or just talk to us before your party and we can make sure to have any special requests available.

· Experienced game coach to manage the party and make sure everyone is having a great time!!

· Self powered with plenty of Air Conditioning/Heating

· Easy, hassle free, no clean up required!!

· Service Oriented with flexible scheduling options